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Try the Brand New Hakata Ramen & Sushi

Waltham has an exciting new dining option with newly opened Hakata Ramen & Sushi. They serve authentic Japanese style noodle bowls, appetizers, and a lovely array of fresh sushi options.

The secret to the ramen is Hakata's broth, and they have a few savory varieties to choose from. Try the spicy miso, rich pork broth, or one of the other four options, along with your choice of noodle and toppings. It’s as easy as stirring together your custom concoction and going to town. The portions are substantial and filling, especially when you order a few other pieces of sushi or small plates off the menu. Hakata Ramen & Sushi’s signature rolls are especially good, and they also have delicious classic rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. Hakata Ramen & Sushi is located right on Main Street in Waltham, and its new location is clean, spacious, and modern. Stop in seven days a week for some of the best ramen in the Boston area.

Public Domain/Pixabay/takedahrs
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