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Plan a Party at Plaster Fun Time

The name of Plaster Fun Time says it all. They have rack after rack of unique plaster items for you to paint and customize to your heart’s desire. And unlike ceramics, plaster does not need to be dried in a kiln, so you’ll be walking out with your creation that day.

Stop in to paint a piece any time, whether you just want to spend some quiet indulging your inner artist or you want to make it a party with friends or your little ones. Plaster Fun Time is perhaps most popularly a party destination, and makes for an awesome spot to host a birthday or other celebration. Kids especially love getting a little messy in the paints and creating their own party favor, and parents love that everything is taken care of, including the clean up. Plaster Fun time also has a fundraiser program that allows you to hold a fundraiser day and rack up 20% of the total income for your organization or group. Check out their website for all the details.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos
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